In the heart of Zurich, Switzerland’s renown Bellevue Apotheke, pharmacists Roman Schmid and Metin San formulated Giggles premium toothpaste for kids. There was a need for a more fun, tasty toothpaste to appeal to kids and make them motivated to brush the recommended 3 times a day.

Using the finest ingredients with the exact amount of fluoride to protect kids teeth from decay was an essential step in completing the formula. They were sure to source and incorporate some of the best of Switzerland’s natural ingredients such as edelweiss extract, providing natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to promote healthy gums.

We worked with kids to establish fun flavours that kids love! First and foremost we knew all kids love the taste of chocolate and since Switzerland is famous for the best chocolate in the world we felt we could definitely establish a
perfect flavour that would no doubt have international appeal.

We were right, in the testing phase we had comments from parents that the kids couldn’t wait to brush, no longer was it a challenge for them to get kids to focus on good oral hygiene habits. So then we looked at what other tastes that appeal to kids and added Strawberry shortcake, Mandarine dream and Candy donut.

Smaller tube sizes allow for kids to indulge in all flavours or stores to sell them as sets. Giggles is a brand that will surely make your kid smile and promote a bright, healthy, cavity free teeth that parents want!